Frequently Asked Questions

How long will you play for?
I normally perform 2 x 1 hours sets of live music during the evening, but can alter this to fit your requirements as I can play as much or as little music as you require.

Do you provide background/dancing music in the breaks?
I provide music for before, after and between the sets if required. I have a wide selection of playlists to suit all kinds of tastes but usually like to use 60’s stuff to keep the mood going.  

How many of you are there?
It really is just me. I am the Vocals, Guitars & Keyboard.

Do you accept song requests?
I accept first dance requests for weddings with at least 4 weeks notice. This is free of charge.

Can we use your equipment to make speeches?
Yes, my equipment is at your disposal throughout the event for making speeches, announcements etc.

Do you charge extra for sound and lighting equipment?
No - I provide my own high quality professional sound system and LED lighting system and these are included in any quote.  

How long do you need to set up?
I need about an hour to set up and sound-check comfortably. If there are any access issues to the venue I need to know in advance. 

Will you set up before the guests arrive?
For parties and weddings I would generally expect to set up a couple of hours before the performance time.  On a typical evening I might set up around 6:30pm and perform between 8 pm and 12 pm.  Setting up a long time in advance of the performance time is sometimes necessary and this can be arranged with prior notification.

How much space do you need?
I can perform with or without staging, indoors or outdoors and an area of 2 x 2 metres is fine. For outdoor performances a marquee is ideal or some sort of stage covering in case of wet weather.

What sort of electrical supply do you need?
I require at least two electrical sockets in the vicinity of the performance area.  The total of all my sound and lighting equipment requires power consumption of no more than 4000W, which can be safely provided by 2 standard mains wall sockets.

Can I see you performing before booking?
The majority of my bookings are private functions however there are occasions where I play public performances and these are listed on my website under the Gigs page.

My venue requires evidence of Public Liability Insurance. Can you provide this?
Yes. You can check the status of my PLI by clicking here. I will also forward a copy of my certificate upon booking and can also provide a copy of my PAT testing certificate if required.

My venue has a sound limiter. Is that a problem for you?
This is no problem at all. These venues usually set the limit between 94db and 96db but I've played as low as 82db and sound quality and the perceived volume is not noticeably affected due to the setup of my Bose Speaker which projects the sound in multiple directions.

What will happen on the day?
Upon arrival I'll introduce myself to the event manager and setup and sound check as quickly as possible. After I've set up I will put background music on through my PA system and go to change. You will need to arrange for the venue to provide me with a secure changing room (not the toilets), and for your catering to provide us with a hot meal/buffet and soft drinks. This is standard for all wedding/corporate/party bookings for any band.

After my first set, I'll take a break of usually around 45 minutes and for weddings, this is the ideal time to serve the buffet. During this time I'll provide a free DJ service and am happy to take requests and make announcements.

After my second performance, and if I have finished before midnight, I will provide background music until midnight. Only after the official contracted finish time will I pack my equipment down. I will do this as quickly and discretely as possible - which usually takes around 45 minutes.

How do I book yourself?
You can use e-mail or call me using the details on the "Contact" page.

How much do you charge and what deposit do you require?
Quotes for private events are on application due to variations in requests such as early setup for equipment use etc. however you can check the Price Guide on this site to get an idea. Bookings can be secured through receipt of a 20% deposit unless known to myself already which can be paid by Paypal, Bank Transfer or Cheque.